Feed me 

Feed Me is a multi-player competitive game built on Reddit’s Developer Platform.
As players join, they are randomly assigned a team.
From there, they can either feed their character bananas to help
them grow to the great beyond, or throw poop at the other characters to push them back to earth.

My Role
  • UX/UI
  • Typography
  • Character design
  • Illustration



Feed Me mixes individual moves with aggregated team moves & an urgent sense of
competition to create a compelling gameplay experience.
Encourages teamwork & communication

By randomly assigning a team to each player, users are encouraged to advocate for their team.
Players band together to grow their animal to great heights or sabotage other teams. 

Inspired by pet games, furbies, and cute animals we opted for delightful simple actions that players could take to help their pet grow.
We added personality to each pet to make them more relatable for any player. 

We wanted to test how to gamify a cause and encourage people to rally for it. 
We implemented simple buttons, quick actions, and cool down mechanics to urge players to come back to the game over and over.
Out of a creative brainstorm, a V1 was sketched out and looked a bit like this:

Over the course of numerous playtests & addition of gameplay mechanics, we landed on:

Icon assets 



When players join the game, they are randomly assigned to one of four animal teams: Cat, Narwhal, Frog, or Duck.
This ensures an equal distribution of players on each team.
Once a user joins a game, they will continue to be on the team they were assigned until the game ends, and a new game is instantiated.
Within each team, each player’s moves (whether they click banana or poop that turn) are added together and affect the height of the animals on the screen in real time.
Each player gets one move per turn, with a cooldown period in between, and must coordinate with their team to strategically race their animal to space while keeping other teams close to the ground.

Animators exported individual gifs for each of the animal’s idle, banana, poop,
supercake, and superpoop states,  triggered by button clicks.
When animals grow too tall or get too short for the player to view them, we show them as an animated circular preview icon.

When each user clicks the banana or the poop button
multiple times in a row, we begin counting them as streaks.
This triggers the streaks animation, which counts streaks up to five.

Once the user reaches five streaks,
the animal they’re targeting either moves up five points with a supercake
animation for banana streaks, or moves down five points with a superpoop animation for poop streaks.

The leaderboard shows the rankings for most bananas and most poops thrown by each user on your team.
Our team tracked the points for each user, and attached them to their username.

The total number of bananas or poops are added together at the bottom.
Users can toggle between viewing the banana leaderboard and the poop leaderboard.

Alternative designs